Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring Cleaning and Organizing

I have never been one to enjoy cleaning and normally avoid it at all costs, but lately I have been getting very frustrated with the house always being cluttered and messy. I have never not had a cluttered home because I tend to keep everything and never have a place for anything! I have been working on getting my house in order.

First I did the spare room. I can't tell you that it still looks the same, but the closet is still organized and I can pretty much find anything I need, which says a lot!

I cleaned and organized our master bathroom and am almost done with the master bedroom. So far our bathroom and bedroom have stayed clutter free for a a few weeks. That is a big accomplishment for me!

I also organized the baby play room and everything has its spot and it gets put away at the end of the night which cuts down on living room clutter (because the rooms are attached).

My next projects are the kitchen and the living room. I'm hoping that by finding a place for everything I will be able to keep a tidy house. Any and all suggestions are welcome!


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    1. Thanks for stopping by! I checked you out and am your newest fan.


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