Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Garbage Disposals

Next Green Room Topic- Garbage Disposals! Contributed by Jes!

Did you know that garbage disposals aren't there to grind up ALL of the scraped food from plates and other dishes?? 

Garbage disposals are for the little bits of food that occasionally go down the drain. 

  • Putting all of your scraps down the drain can clog sanitary sewers and is harmful to the environment.
  • FOG (fats, oils, grease) build up on the pipe walls restricting flow, thus leading to blockages that result in overflows into our homes, streets, down storm drains and into waterways, not good!  

It's a good idea to always pour used cooking oil into a heat-safe container, let it cool and then trash it. Wipe down your plates and dishes into the trash instead of washing the extra bits of food down the drain. 

You can also use a strainer in your sink to catch all the little bits so they don't go down the drain. 

Here is a list of things that should never go down the drain:

Meat Fats               Dairy ProductsLard                        BattersShortening              DressingsButter                      IcingMargarine               SaucesFood Scraps           Soups

If you want to start a garden (no matter how big or small) veggie scraps are a good way to get really good garden soil! 

In our home, we like to save all of the vegetable scraps for the compost bin. We want to keep vegetable scraps out of landfills because it doesn't decompose like organic matter should. So it piles up like all of the other waste. You can buy or make compost bins. Once you start saving your veggie & fruit scraps, you notice how fast it adds up! All of those little scraps from the salad you made from lunch or the stir-fry you made from dinner can make a great deal of compost!

Another tip for unused veggie scraps, FREEZE them! The ends of onions, broccoli etc... are great when you want to make a veggie stock for soups or cooking, just put them on the stove, boil, and season the broth with whatever seasonings you like. Strain, and voila! 

Another easy tip to help your plumbing and the environment!


  1. This is such a great post. I've never liked using the garbage disposal, and I've always used a strainer like the one shown above.
    I'm a new fan from fb frenzy and hopped on over here to follow your blog via bloglovin. =0)

    1. Thanks for visiting! I just started following you on bloglovin too!

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