Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Battling Kid's Frustration

I have noticed a lot lately my almost year old and 4 year old have been getting very frustrated with things very quickly. Z gets upset and throws frustration fits when something doesn't go his way. This includes putting things into a bag, puzzle pieces not fitting, a drawing not coming out how he wanted, and his scissor skills not being as good as he wants them.

The baby is just as bad and has taken an interest in putting things into other things and carrying it around. When it falls out he gets very mad about it.

I talk to Z about controlling his emotions and just walking away if he can't get it to work how he wants and to try again. I have to remind him constantly but when he does it, it works.

With K I make it into a game. When he gets upset about it I just smile and say "uh oh! Where'd it go?!" I didn't think it was working until he dropped something and it put his hands up and smiled like it was a joke.

How do you deal with your kid's frustration?

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