Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where Does the Day Go?

I keep wondering where my day goes because it seems to go by so fast and then I end up getting nothing accomplished.  So I decided to write down my entire day to see where it went!  Baby #2 is a 9 month old baby I watch Monday through Friday from 730-430 and baby #1 is my 11 month old.  My 4 year old son does have preschool on 3 days so on those days he is not home from 8:30 to 11:30 and  every day is a little different, but this is what happened yesterday.  Sorry it is such a long post!

Woke up 7am.
4 year old downstairs by 705
Get coffee 710 and start 20 minute show for 4 year old so I can mentally prepare for my day.
725 baby # 2 arrives
730 baby #1 wakes up
730-8 hubby helps with kids and then off to work
730-750 play with babies, feed 4 year old, cook breakfast for myself and baby #1
750-840 feed babies
840-850 change babies diapers
855 Rock baby #2 and put for nap
855-910 nurse baby #1 and put for nap
Baby #2 asleep by 9
910-920 get dressed and pee while helping 4 year old race plastic bugs and start a craft.
920 Baby #1 poops (never fell asleep)
920-925 change baby 1 diaper and try to get to sleep
925-935 baby 1 plays and whines in bed and doesn't nap
930 baby #2 up from nap
940-1010 babies snack while I finish a craft I started with 4 year old when the babies "napped".
1010-1055 play with and entertain 3 kids, today this involved 3 booboos, keeping babies out of the 2 areas in the whole room they aren't allowed, keeping 4 year old from getting too excited and accidentally hurting babies, playing in the tent and tunnels, and changing drool covered clothes on the babies.
1055 put babies in stuff so I can pee
11-1110 prepare lunch while babies are content but halfway through babies start crying so I send the 4 year old to entertain which included yelling and running around (but the babies were entertained until I was done!)
1115-1135 kids eat and decide to have a screaming contest.  When I say screaming contest, I mean high pitched scream where they look at each other and laugh afterwards.
1135-1155 entertain and play with everybody.
1155-1205 prepare babies for nap
1205 baby 2 gets bottle and baby1 nurses while 4 year old watches bedtime show
1210 baby 1 goes for nap bc exhausted from no am nap
1220 baby 2 goes for nap
1220-1235 sit with 4 year old and cuddle while he watches rest of his show
1235-1250 read bedtime books and put 4 year old in for nap
1250-115 clean up from lunch, breakfast, and craft and eat lunch while checking email and writing a quick note to my school learning team, put out dinner ingredients to thaw.
110 reheat coffee for 2nd time and hope I remember it this time!
115- check baby 1 video monitor because he's coughing and hope he stays asleep through it!
115-205 work on homework downloading books for the upcoming week, printing required info, ensuring the team assignment is broken down and update the team chat because I am team leader this week.
125-130 fix printer that isn't printing
140-145 fix printer again because refusing to work
205- 225 Take a break and check Facebook, Link up to some link parties, and check out a few other blogs.  (This long of a nap break is very uncommon!)
220 I got my Silhouette Portrait that I won on A Pumpkin and a Princess Giveaway!
225-235. Restart dryer (stuff is still in the dryer because I forgot about it) and eat snack
230 baby 2 wakes baby 1 up. Mental note to move baby 2 downstairs to prevent this in future
245 baby 2 falls back asleep.
247 cat who locked herself in our bedroom with baby 2 scratches at the door and meow waking baby back up!
245 get baby 1
250 get baby 2
250 4 year old up
250-3 change diapers and get 4 year old out of pjs
3-310 get kids ready to go for walk
310-335 take walk around neighborhood
340-4 snack time
4pm baby 2 got picked up a half hour early
4-440 played with my boys in the tent
440-525 cooked dinner while 4 year old played out back and baby sat in high chair whining
530 hubby got home and convinced baby to eat some applesauce
525-550 dinner time convincing and bribing 4 year old to eat his dinner
550-610 played outside with family
610-620 gave baby bath
620-635 watched hubby and 4 year old practice tball
635-650 fed baby bottle and got him ready for bed
650 baby spit up a lot in the tent on himself and daddy
650-7 cleaned up baby and put to bed
7-730 Cleaned kitchen from dinner
730-745 installed software for new silhouette
745-810 put 4 year old to bed
810-10 Played with my new Silhouette and watched a show with my hubby.  (Yes, I should have been working on the blog or doing homework, but I couldn't just leave the Silhouette sitting in the box on my couch!)
10pm Headed up for bed

Where does your day go?

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