Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Weaning From Nursing

Well it's about that time. I decided awhile ago that as soon as the baby is old enough to drink cow's milk, I would stop nursing him. 

It's quickly approaching now and I wasn't sure where to start. With my oldest son, he was on formula and I just switched him and tossed his bottles at age 1. 

I also thought I would feel completely relieved from being free from that responsibility but it's an odd feeling.  I'm sad because it's a special bond that I have with him, but I am definitely ready to have my body back to myself and start wearing regular bras and sleep without one!

I have been introducing cow's milk to him over the past week because the doctor said he can start at 11 months. He really likes the milk and I give it to him in a sippy cup. He is drinking more and more each day and less and less interested in nursing. 

I am have been offering him as much as he wants to eat in his meals until he lets me know. This has been working well and I think he is going to wean himself fairly quickly. It has been a lot easier than i thought it would be.

How did/do you wean your little one?

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