Friday, March 1, 2013

Spare Room Redo Reveal!

Ok, I didn't get it completely done, but I did get a lot done.  The more I look at the before pictures, the more I realize how much I really accomplished! 

I first need to thank those who helped me get it done! My wonderful husband and son worked hard getting the closet painted and installed and my good friend Tiffany helped me work on it every time she came over to visit and got me motivated. 

There was so much stuff in this room I didn't know where to start. Clearing a path to the closet and gutting it ended up being the best starting point. 

I moved everything in that room from one side to the other probably 5 times in an attempt to organize boxes and boxes of stuff.  

The closet and organizing the room took the first 2 weeks of February. 

Once the closet was done I was able to organize all of our craft supplies. I had no idea how much we have!

I am using a table that we have had for years as my work space and it fits perfectly. 

I still have boxes of pictures that I need to hang throughout the house, boxes of papers that need filed, and miscellaneous items that need a home, but all in all I feel that my spare room redo was a success!  March goal complete!


  1. Leah! It looks awesome!

    1. Thanks. It definitely consumed my month working on it, but it was completely worth it!

  2. Leah, we featured you today at Get Your Crap Together! Thanks for linking to our Organizing Party!


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