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Plastic Grocery Bags

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My name is Jes and I am Leah's sister. I am going to be contributing to her blog on a weekly basis with some green tips for everyday life. The Green Room will introduce easy, helpful tips to get you on the path to be being more aware of what you put onto and into your body and tips to help keep our Earth a healthier place to live!
This weeks topic covers a no-cost way to start making a difference!!

Plastic bags!
We all know that plastic is not the best choice for taking home your goods from the store. Cloth bags are so awesome for bringing home your purchases! They hold WAAAAAAY more stuff, You can heft them onto your shoulders (so you are able to bring more stuff into the house in ONE or TWO trips instead of 8 when you use plastic) and they last practically forever.

The main reason I hear that people don't use the reusable bags is this; "I FORGET I HAVE THEM"!

It took me a while to get into the habit of not forgetting them, but once it becomes second will never forget!

You won't even remember what life was like before cloth bags.

Here are a couple of tips I can give you to help you remember to use your cloth bags...this is what I do;  
1) you get money back at a few grocery stores for using them (5 cents a bag at Target and Kroger)
2) after unpacking all of your groceries at home, hang the bags on your front door knob. If you leave the house, you can't miss them! They are right there!
3) Keep them in the front passenger seat of your car if possible. That way, you are looking right at them  before you get out of your car! (after a while, you can keep them in the back once it becomes a good habit)
4) (most importantly) Remember it is better for the environment! Plastic bags put such a damper on our waters and ecosystem! They end up in our oceans tangling up with wildlife and confusing fish into thinking that the bags are their next meal.  They never once they are in the landfills, that's it, they are going nowhere. Thus, filling up our precious land space.
5) You can get them CHEAP!  Most stores have them for under $1 each and they last forever!

Sometimes, I end up with plastic bags...I will go into a store not anticipating buying something or I will sometimes not bring enough bags with me to the grocery store.

What I do is just reuse the plastic ones for household tasks, namely doggy doody. They work wonders for that!  They also make great small trashcan trash bags.
Picture retrieved from Here

Also, keep in mind that if you do happen to use them sometimes most stores provide a recycler for those and your newspaper bags. This is great, but keep in mind there is a lot of pollution caused by the recycling factories themselves. So reducing usage overall is a great way to start. This includes with less of a heavy foot=better gas mileage, eating less=weight loss & healthier body etc...

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