Friday, March 8, 2013

Google it!

I remember having to go to the library and read encyclopedias because they couldn't be borrowed. I also remember having to use phone books and mail letters using the USPS. 

It seems like it was a really long time ago even though it really wasn't! 

Now everything is literally at your fingertips!

Right now I am writing this post on my iPhone and then I will add pictures using on my laptop. 

It made me think today when my son asked where bananas grow. I told him a tree and then I showed him a picture after I googled it. With the picture he came up with more questions like why are the bananas green.

Picture retrieved from Coral Reef Photos

It's amazing the information that is available to us and our kids. Instead of giving your kids a short answer to their questions, broaden their horizons and give them the information they crave. 

Happy Googling!

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