Monday, March 25, 2013

Creamer Container Repurposed

My son has been wanting to water the plants inside and every time I give him a container to water them  most of the water ends up on the floor.  Monkey is very into reduce, reuse, and recycle so we repurposed our coffee creamer containers.

We have a small one and a large one.  The small one is for indoor plant watering and the large one is for outdoor plant watering.  We washed them out and took off the plastic label.

Monkey just couldn't wait to use them so he used them before he colored them!  He used Sharpie permanent markers and TaDa! beautiful, kid-friendly plant watering containers.


  1. Great idea! Don't you love being able to make useful things out of stuff you would normally throw away? It feels awesome!

    1. I agree! It does feel good to be able to do it and to be able to teach my son about it too so that he is aware of the things around him. He even told his teachers at preschool that they need to start recycling!


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