Thursday, February 21, 2013

Walking already?

My little man took his first steps yesterday.
My oldest son took his first steps at 9 months old so it isn't too much of a surprise that my 10.5 month old wants to start.

It is a question if whether I'm ready or not! 

I know, selfish right? 

I finally got everything at crawling eye level pretty baby proof and now I have to worry about walking baby eye level too! 

The baby gates are already up, but now his reach has increased so I will need to maintain the house a little better.  

I am definitely not a neat freak and tend to have baskets of folded laundry on the couch and papers on the coffee table.  I guess this mess is going to have to be contained before my organized mess turns into chaos! 

Good thing I got a lot of baskets at the thrift store…  Guess I better start painting them!

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