Saturday, February 16, 2013

Spare Room Redo Update Week 2

I thought that the second week of my spare room redo hadn’t gone that well until I looked at everything that is done instead of what is still left to do.

I was able to go through and organize the boxes that are staying in the room and moved the bed.

I also cleared out the closet, took the doors off, and measured and decided on a plan of attack for the shelving.

I thought I would be tackling this project by myself since it was my plan, but my husband and son came to the rescue!  With their help I was able to get the closet painted and get the supplies for my closet shelving.  

Since I am doing this on a budget, I bought a can of Oops paint from Home Depot (only $2.00 for a quart!) and used white paint that I already have for the trim.  

I had planned on using contact paper to cover the shelves and a bookshelf that I am using in the closet, but decided to prime and paint them instead.  I am still working on the shelves and hoping to have the wood cut to size this weekend, but I did manage to paint the bookshelf.

I got rid of multiple items this week. Some things I just tossed, some I donated, and some I sold on Craigslist.

I was able to make $65 selling a few items and donated all of my son's 6-9 month clothes to a person off of Craigslist. I try to check Craigslist for people who need items that I am donating before I give them to a thrift store who is just going to sell them, because you never know who might need something that you are giving away. 

All in all I think I had a pretty successful week! 

How is your February goal going?

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