Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Spare Room Makeover

Right now my spare room is a collect all room. Currently it is used to store baby clothes, store items I haven't unpacked yet, has a queen size bed, a playpen where the baby I watch naps, and is a complete mess!

My ideal spare room would have a place for our guests where they don't have to step over boxes and worry about other boxes falling on then while they sleep, have a place where I can scrapbook and do crafts without having to clean up if I am in the middle of something, and be able to store items that don't belong in the garage.

I would also like to create storage for all of the kids arts and crafts supplies so they are organized and put away for when we need them.

The first plan of action is going to be going through those boxes and hanging up the many picture frames that I have collected.  

This is a picture of the closet.  This is the future of storage.  This closet is pretty big and is about 5 feet wide by 7 feet tall and almost 2 feet deep.  This is going to be a lot of storage space once I get the doors off.  

Anybody else working on any organization projects or room makeovers?


  1. Excited to see your progress! I'm in the process of converting an empty room to my office/craft space but I started from scratch more or less-you have the unenviable task of organizing first!

    1. Yes, I am not looking forward to the organizing part, but I am looking forward to the de-cluttering part because it is driving me crazy! I'll be watching your updates for ideas. Thanks for looking


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