Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snow fun!

It actually snowed here last week!  
I live in Virginia Beach and we rarely see snow, especially not snow that you can actually go play in for two days in a row!  Needless to say, my son was thrilled.  

He sat at the window the day before and watched the flurries come down.  The next morning he woke up to look out the window and no snow yet.  He went to school and came home and still no snow!  He was starting to lose hope when it started snowing exactly at 3pm when they said it would (surprised they were actually right!).  

By 4:30 there was enough snow to play was coming down.  I bundled the boys up the best I could without really owning any 'snow' clothes and we went outside.  

It was the baby's first snow, so even though he had a runny nose, we ventured out.  It could be 2 years before he sees snow again so I had to take it while I had it!  He was definitely confused about it and couldn't understand why it was sticking to him, but I think he liked it.  

My older son absolutely loved it and had a blast playing in it long after me and the baby came back in.  I am lucky to be able to see my backyard while I am cooking dinner so I can keep an eye on him and still work in the kitchen.  

He shoveled snow, he filled up buckets, he jumped in it, and did everything a 3 year old likes to do in the snow and he loved every minute of it.  He finally relented and came inside saying he was cold.  We finished off our fun with some hot chocolate and delicious brownies.  

What do you do when it snows?

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