Saturday, January 12, 2013

Shadow Catching Box

My son has been scared of the shadows in his room and he came up with the idea to 'catch' the shadows and put them in a box.

This idea turned into a shadow box made just for catching shadows. It was very simple and made from a simple kid's shoebox.

I covered the box in different colored construction paper and taped it to the inside.

Zackary colored and used stickers on the box to make it special. 

At bedtime he went to grab the shadows and was surprised when the shadows were still on the wall. I told him that he's just taking out the parts if the shadows that he doesn't like and putting them in the box and that the shadows will still be there unless he is ready to not have any night lights in his room. 

He was happy with that answer and feels much better about the shadows in his room.  

Does anybody else's kids have shadow fears?  What was your solution?  

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