Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First week of Getting it Done in January- Meal Planning

Last week I did a food inventory and am working towards de-junking my food selections. You can see what I came up with at http://www.leahinspired.com/2012/12/food-inventory.html.  I have been using up the most unhealthy items so that I am left with only healthier choices. I figure that I have at least a week of food without having to go to the store, unless I need produce. 

This first week I planned my meals based on what I have at the house and used a dry erase board, that my husband got me for Christmas, to write the meals on. 

One of the problems that I had last time I tried to meal plan was that the day I had planned to have something, I didn't want it. So this time I will just pick 6-7 meals and then choose one each day. 

I plan to do at least 1 crockpot meal a week and use leftovers as available. Once I get in a rhythm with my meal planning I will try to have one day that will be a miscellaneous day where we might eat out, order pizza, use leftovers, or eat sandwiches. This leaves opportunity for more flexibility because when I have things too strict, I tend to be unsuccessful. 

I also plan on including at least one new recipe a week until I have more good options of meals to choose from. So far this week I have made the 2 meals off of my meal planning board and am hoping to be able to continue through the week.  

Has anybody else made plans for their first month of 12 Months of Getting it Done?

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