Tuesday, January 15, 2013

All you can eat sushi?

I have been seeing a lot of all you can eat sushi places popping up all over the place. My first thought was "who would want a sushi buffet? There has to be a reason it's only $12 for lunch."   

Then my husband was waiting for a prescription one day and wandered into an all you can eat sushi place to check it out. Him being a Chef makes him really look at freshness and quality. He ended up sitting down and eating at the restaurant because it ended up that it wasn't a buffet and the rolls were made to order! Who would've thought? Not me! 

The first chance we got, without kids (and that is few and far between), we went and checked out one right by our house. 

Well, we definitely got our $12 worth and I think the waitress thought there was no way the 2 of us could eat so much sushi! 

They also had appetizers, a salad bar, small hibachi portions, and even all you can eat chicken nuggets, fries, onion rings, and corn dogs for the kids. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality as well as the selection and price. 

I definitely suggest checking one out near you if there are any yet.

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