Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pictures with Santa

After only two years of my son's pictures with Santa I was frustrated with where to keep them and make sure that I could have them available for the Christmas season to put on display. 

A friend of mine told me about a book that they received as a gift that had a spot for each year's Santa picture to go in.  She packs it up with her Christmas decorations each year and then unpacks it when Christmas comes around again.  I thought this was a great idea, but didn't want to hunt down this book to find out that it was $30.  

I decided to make my own.  When living in Minnesota, I found that I really like scrapbooking.  I have found that a lot of people are perfectionists when it comes to scrapbooking.  I am not!  Either way, this is a simple book with minimal details.  

I bought a small red scrapbook at Michael's with their 40% off coupon, so I ended up getting it for about $5.  I used red and green scrapbooking paper, which was also on sale, and alternated colors for each page.  I had some scrapbooking stickers that I used to add a little bit of wording and the year that the picture was taken, and Ta Da, I have a Santa book that I can bring out each year and keep on my coffee table every Christmas season.  

Inside Page:  Added stickers with the year.  If you have multiple children, you can use stickers to add their names.  I used scrapbooking picture corners to add my pictures but you can use glue also.  


  1. Love this idea! That way the santa pictures don't get lost in the shuffle.

    1. Thanks for looking. Another tip that might help that I realized this year is for if you don't have scrapbooking stuff readily available. I don't currently have my things in a set place so I had to search for stickers for this year and the picture corners to go with it. I am packing these items with the Christmas stuff so that I have quick and easy access to them.


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