Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Decorating

I have been trying to decorate for Christmas since the day after Thanksgiving.  The weekend after Thanksgiving I dragged my husband, his mom, and our 2 kids out to cut down our own tree.  We did this last year in MN and it was such a great time and good memories.

Virginia Beach just doesn't have the same quality of tree farms!  I was excited when I looked online and found a list of about 5 within a 45 minute drive.  I called in advance and was told they have some trees but have a limited selection.  We arrive and it was definitely a limited selection!  They had 2 types of trees, one of which was a white pine, the kind we were interested in.  I had never had a long needle tree before last year, and I really liked it.  I thought it would shed needles too much, but found that the smaller needles are more frustrating to clean up and hurt more when stepped on!

So after weeding through the 15 trees that they had there we picked a nice tree with a crooked trunk and a few bare spots.  Pete cut down the tree with the help from Monkey.  We had a few cute photo ops and then we were on our way home.  In MN the tree farms had a machine to shake the tree to get any extra needles or critters out and then they bagged it up for the ride home.  Nope, not in VA!  Pete carried it to the truck and we brought it home.  It sat outside for about 2 days until we finally had a chance to cut the trunk and carry it in.  After some banging into walls and squeezing it through doorways because the base of this thing is huge, we finally made it into the room it is currently residing in.

The tree has been the only thing decorated until yesterday.  Yesterday I was able to hang the stockings and put some lights on the banister.  It's nothing fancy, but at least it is something and it thrilled Monkey when he woke up from his nap to see all of the lights.

My goal this weekend was to do some cleaning and put up the outside lights.  The things that I accomplished today included making salt dough ornaments and grocery shopping.  Where does the day go?  I feel like I run around in circles all day and still don't get anything done.

I have a list of ideas I want to do for decorations in the house and I think they might have to wait until next year.  Maybe by then I will be a little more situated and hopefully unpacked.  I am a big fan of Pinterest and get tons of ideas off of there and have about 1000 pins on my holidays board just waiting to be done.

How are your decorations going and what is your opinion on how late is too late to decorate?

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